First Cases of New Omicron Sub-variant Reported in Xi’an China, News 7th, July, 2022

New Omicron Sub-variant Reported

First Cases of New Omicron Sub-variant Reported in Xi’an China

1. First Cases of New Omicron Sub-variant Reported in Xi’an, China

China’s northwestern city of Xi’an, home to 13 million people, was partially shut down on Wednesday after it reported the country’s first outbreak of a highly transmissible new Omicron subvariant that is fast dominating the United States and Europe.

2. Vaccination to be required for public venues

Starting on Monday, those who haven’t received a COVID-19 vaccine will be restricted from entering some public venues in Beijing, city officials said on Wednesday.

3. ‘A Date with China’ explores magnificent and changing China

“A Date with China” international media tour wrapped up the first leg of 2022 on Saturday. During the eight-day tour, the team visited Ningxia Hui autonomous region and Anhui province.

4. Shenzhou-14 taikonauts conduct in-orbit science experiments, prepare for space walks

Scientific endeavors aboard China’s space station are expected to bear fruits, as the Shenzhou-14 taikonauts have devoted more time to microgravity experiments on the orbiting core module Tianhe since entering it a month ago.

5. Kenya’s SGR train ferries 7.8 mln passengers since inception

The standard gauge railway (SGR) passenger train has moved some 7.78 million passengers between the capital, Nairobi and Mombasa since its inception in June 2017, a national statistics agency said in a report released on Wednesday.

6. China-Philippines ties usher in ‘golden era’

During his visit to the Philippines, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi hailed China and the Philippines would usher in a “golden era” of ties as China is willing to deepen cooperation with the Philippines in various fields.

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