Does International Student Insurance Cover COVID-19?

Dose International Students Insurance cover COVID-19?

International Student Insurance Cover COVID-19

Dose International Students Insurance cover COVID-19?

Insurance can cover that the insured is diagnosed as COVID-19 and payment is reasonable and necessary in China mainland’s public hospital. 

Q:What should I do when go to hospital?


①Seeing doctors in China mainland’s public hospital and normal department.

②Using passport name to register.

③Having medical records from doctors.

④Changing original invoices from charging if you spend money on charging machine.

Q: How could I supplement the case record for outpatient service or emergency treatment if I forget to have a doctor to do so? 

A:Please bring your passport as well as the original invoice and other related medical documents issued to you by the hospital you go to for that time to the department for the outpatient service or emergency treatment we received in that hospital and find the doctor to write up the records for you. Please be noted that the date for receiving medical service recorded in this case history for outpatient service or emergency treatment must be identical to the one on the corresponding invoice; and you could also go to the Guiding Desk to ask for help whenever you have difficulties after having arrived a hospital.

Q:How can I apply claim?

A:Different situation will prepare different application documents.

Q:When can I apply claim?

A:We suggest that after treatment finished and in accordance with claim rules, please apply the claim in time, in case that you loss some crucial documents.

Q:How long will receive reimbursement?

A:It will be in a week, if all of your documents are settled and not much money. However, it will take in a month.

If we need more documents we will contact with you as soon as possilble.

Q:Why the outpatient cannot be paid in 100%?

A:According to different package will have different reimbursement rules.

Examples for 800yuan package are shown as below:

You have paid RMB 900 on February 1st, 2021, paid RMB 400 on May 3rd, and RMB 700 on July 15th (all the fees for clinical service are rational) due to being treated in a local public hospital within the insurance period.

The formula for claim settlement:{(600+400+600)-650}*85%=807.50 (Unit: RMB Yuan)

Reimbursement equation: (the expense of each day within the daily limit RMB600 yuan add up-650 yuan) * 85%=reimbursable amount (the total amount of reasonable expenditures shall exclude the self-paid or partly self-paid items and expenses stipulated by the local regulations of the basic medical insurance)

Other package please refer to the insurance liability.


Daily limit: The top claim limit of available medical cost.

Deductible: Below the deductible, there is no compensation.

International Students Insurance cover COVID-19.

Why need to buy insurance in China?

According to Article 40., Order No. 42 of the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security: all the international students in China are required to buy comprehensive insurance.

Article 40: The university implements the insurance system for all international students. International students must be insured in accordance with relevant national regulations and school requirements. Those who fail to purchase insurance in accordance with the provisions shall apply for insurance within a time limit. Those who fail to apply within the time limit shall not be admitted by the university. Those who have already studied in the school should drop out or not be registered.

Does International Student Insurance Cover COVID-19?

Comprehensive Insurance Requirements

  • For all the international students whose study period is less than 6 months, you are required to purchase “Ping An Insurance” (400 Yuan/6 Months).
  • For all the international students whose study period is more than 6 months, you are required to purchase “Ping An Insurance” (400 Yuan/6 months or 800 Yuan/year)


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